Thanks to all who made our screenings in Sedona a great success!

"I think you have got a message in here about using what you find inside and what you find outside and making both of them into art."
“The thing that is also really beautiful about your film is that, as artists, most of us stumble upon our creativity. We trip over something and we look down and think, “Oh, cool, I know what I can do with that.” You did that as a film and he is the embodiment of that. As an artist, that so speaks to the creative process.“

“One thing I want to say about your gift as filmmakers and what you have created is it feels like you have almost created a new genre of [film]…I would say it is public art. Where Jerry’s art is most profound is in how it affects the public. It’s our trash. He has taken something we have discarded and he makes beauty from it and really, it’s exquisite beauty.”
“You capture the transcendent relationship between the artist and the creation and there are all these moments when he is quietly communing with what he has made in a sense of wonder and marvel.  When he sat alone in that room surveying all that he’s made, it was like he had a personal relationship with all of them [his sculptures]. What is it like to sit there quietly with what you have created and not know how you did it? That didn’t need any words from him. That was so powerful.”

“The soundtrack is amazing. The variations of the theme in minor, and the different instruments, I don’t know how you did that. One of the characters is the soundtrack.”