What folks are saying about PLASTIC MAN

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“Five plastic thumbs up!
William Farley has shaped a compelling study of the legendary Beachcomber Artist who searches for the soul hidden in detritus and offers salvation to the hopeless lost trash of the world: "Don't perish on beaches, become Barrish masterpieces!"
Philip Kaufman, Filmmaker
The Right Stuff, Unbearable Lightness of Being, Henry & June


“Plastic Man is a film about an unlikely artist, a bail bondsman from a long line of Jewish tough guys, who has that artist gene -- the one that makes art inevitable- and touches people with ones art.  If you are interested in the process of art making or think you might need a bail bondsman, you'll love this film.”
- Judith Ehrlich,  Filmmaker 

Daniel Ellsberg, The Most Dangerous Man in America


“Adroitly assembled, intriguing and fascinating ...”
Mansel Stimpson, Co-Editor Film Review, London


“An inspiring portrait of the artist as an older man, Plastic Man is a crowd-pleaser from its whimsically enigmatic opening sequence to its triumphant finale. Jerry Barrish’s talent for creating soulful sculptures from soulless plastic and rubber is nothing short of amazing, yet it’s only one facet of this endlessly surprising portrait of a genuine iconoclastic.”
Michael Fox, KQED Arts, San Francisco