Closing in on finishing the finishing line for our film!

And we are accepted as at the Mill Valley Film Festival – our hometown screening will happen Oct. 5 and 8th!!

After a career 30 years as a Film Festival programmer I am more attuned to  looking at docs and finding inspiration in the mostly true stories they tell…I would rather get lost in the visuals of a film or following a compelling story that reveals something totally unexpected.

Now in the trenches of the making of a film, I wonder if civilian movie goers understand what actually happens.  I pose the question now because as we approach ‘picture lock’ I am aware of what the audience will not know.  No one will know about the debates between…the makers: the director, editor, composer, story consultant and producer all creative people sitting together conferring, reviewing, deleting and constant reshaping the story from the four years of planned interviews, the joy of discovering amazing archival footage and spontaneous moments that are miracles.

So I have also learned to welcome the miracles!

There were little miracles that went into the making of the film, like the chance contact with a fellow filmmaker, Vicki Abeles who tipped me off that Dr. Sally Shaywitz of Yale University would be speaking in San Francisco.  She is the leading authority on dyslexia and creativity. Within minutes of my email of introduction, Dr. Shaywitz called and agreed to participate in the doc about a Dyslexic artist.

Why, because after Dr. Shaywitz viewed Jerry’s sculpture on his website:  she was excited that his art confirmed her theory that the special brain wiring that  causes reading challenges for dyslexics, can also provide gifts.  Out-of-the-box thinking, creativity, empathy and compassion are attributes of dyslexics.

Other miracles?  The enthusiastic reception of Laurence Kardish, former Film Curator at the New York Museum of Art to being interviewed for the film.  He was the guy who championed Jerry’s first film, DAN’S MOTEL that he selected for New Directors New Films in 1982. 

Filming in Berlin at the 2011 Berlin Film Festival with the hopes that when Jerry goes to a German filmmaker dinner that director Wim Wenders would show up…he did!!  And we filmed Jerry and Wim chatting with each other. 

More miracles…having the perfect morning light for William Farley to shoot the Pacific Ocean in front of Pacifica, the town where Jerry lives.

Producer/Director Mark Kitchell helping us secure archival footage from his Academy Award nominatedfilm Berkeley in the 60’s. Mark and I were ‘hall mates’ when we both had offices at the Fantasy Films building in the 80’s and 90’s.

Archivist Blanche Chase finding the right archive for all the rest of the political 60’s footage and negotiating an affordable price..

Finding a method for telling a life story that engages, creates drama and is not a mere promotional reel was achieved by April…but the money ran out…at the moment where the creativity and drive is most needed. Our story was so compelling that the length grew from 54 to 72 mintes.  More time means more money

 Yipes…and major expenses were incurred when we decided to go for an original composition, by local musician and composer Beth Custer.  But the music has given the film the right amount of humor and gravitas that makes the viewing experience transformational.  Thank you Beth!!

And as we moved towards the finishing line with scheduled sound mix and color correction we feel the excitement of having told an important story about the nature of the yearnings of the soul to find meaning in life by making art.

It has been a journey for me to work with great creative people on both sides of the camera to know more about the creative process…and mostly what I have learned is that it is a gift.

I will keep you posted on the next stops for our film…looking ahead my hope is that the film will find it’s next miracle and be selected at one of the top film festivals in the world, Berlin!

The Story of the title…

Objects of Desire, came from the fertile brain of Director, William Farley.  And it works, metaphorically as we observe Jerry obsessive search for the discarded detritus of our society. I also had a chance with a title Jerry Barrish, Found.   A simple way to say so much about a found objects artist who found his calling in mid life.

But, Objects of Desire is also the name of popular porn websites selling all types aids to sexual pleasure…

And so here is the list of other possibilities created by Jerry and Nancy:

Note: without editing or judgment

Nancy said, “When I read the entire list to Jerry - we both thought "DREAMING OUTLOUD" really resonated.  I've always said that Jerry isn't afraid to dream out loud.”

Intuitive Eye

Intuitive Life

Intuitive Journey

Art of Intuition

Life of Intuition

Make them Laugh, Make them Cry

Laughter and Tears

No Help, No Mentors

I Don't know How I got Here

Don't Know How I Got Here

How Did I Get Here?

Without a Net

Purpose and Repurpose

Strange Tales

Stories of the Flawed

Flawed Souls

Flawed People

Broken Souls

Broken and Remade

Fractured Images

Fractured Beings


There's Got to be Something Out There to Be

There's Got to be Something Out There

Got to Be Something Out There

Seems to be Something

Something Out There

Something To Be

Something Made

Becoming Something


Scrounger or The Scrounger

Scrounger's Way

Lucky Scrounger

Luck of a Scrounger

Life of a Scrounger

Life of Scrounging

Valuable Salvage


Found Scavenge

Found Scrounge

Found Objects

Art of Found Objects

Art of Assemblage

Assembled Life

An Assembled Life

Assembled Journey

Artistic Assembled Journey

His Assembled Journey

Scavenge Hunt

Scavenger's Way

Scavenger's Life

Scavenger's Story

Handmade Stories

Handmade Tales

Made by Hand

Hand of the Artist

Artistic Hands

Artistic Life

On Stage

Three Acts


Full of Purpose

Full of Potential

Proven Potential

Potential Purpose

Creative Potential

Another Way

Another Path

Another Route

Found Way

Found Path

Found and Refound

Lost and Refound

Lost and Found

Freight and Salvage

(something to rhyme with) Salvage

Valuable Salvage

Salvage and Rescue

Salvage of Value

Worthy Salvage

Worthy Rescue

Worthy Repurpose

Worthy Purpose

Lucky Purpose

Self Made

Desirable Objects

Plastic Dreams

Plastic Powers of Imagination

Power of Imagination

Power of Plastic

Power of Objects

Dream Power

Power of Dreaming

Not Afraid to Dream

Dreaming Out loud

Plastic Dream(s)

Plastique Dreams


Bronze and Plastic

Plastic and Bronze

Without a Plan

Lucky Guy

Oh Lucky Guy

Interesting Journey

Some Kind of Journey


Right Place at Right Time

Lucky Location


Assembled refuse

Discarded and found


Bearish on Barrish

Bearish Tale

Lucky Tales

Lucky Trash

Tales from the Trash

Tails and Tales

Trails, Tails and Tales

Don't Perish in Jail


Art of Bail

Art and Bail

Art, Bail, Cinema

Art, Bail, Film

Bail, Film, Art

Art and Film


Telling Tales

Singular Tales

Making Stuff

Something Out There To Be

Something from Nothing

Rhymes with Perish

Search and Rescue


Flotsam and Setsam

Jetsam and Flotsam

Flotsam Journey

Flotsam Path

Life of Flotsam

Lagan (or Ligan)

Derelict Life

Derelict Cargo

Derelict Journey


His Way

Seems to be Worthy

Worthy Purpose

Worthy (re)Purpose

Found and Worthy

Lucky Find

Fortunately Found

None of them were right…and then our editor, Richard Levien struck on Plastic Man, my friend Stuart Rickey came up with Plastic Plastik with Plastik meaning sculpture in German.  And then writer Robert Anbian chimed in with “ the artful life and now we have:  Plastic Man; the artful life of Jerry Ross Barrish..

Come join us on Sunday Oct. 5 at 2:30 in Mill Valley at the Sequoia Theatre for our world premiere and Enjoy the film!